Enhancing a Landscape with a Bowl of Water

For the past week or so, I have been staying in a city which does not offer a lot of opportunities in terms of landscape photography. One can only take so many similar looking sunrise and sunset photos before getting bored with it. I tried this simple hack to make my photos more interesting and these are the results.

Being an early riser, I always have the option to wait and watch the sun rising every morning. This is the kind of photo I have been taking during my stay here.


Despite being a decent photo, it is also pretty standard Sunrise photo that one can take almost everyday from this vantage point. To make things more interesting, I borrowed a small bowl from the kitchen, placed it on the ledge and then filled it to the brim with water.


Then I took my camera and started experimenting with various shots to try and get an optimal angle where the reflection is just right and the landscape appears to blend in with the water. After trying different angles, I managed to take some pretty interesting photos of the rising sun.


I have not tried this with other types of landscape photos yet, but I will definitely keep this trick tucked away in my toolbox when I have the urge to make things a bit more interesting.

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