At Midnight

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Around midnight, I was awoken by a sound, like a gentle knock on my door. After a long day, I had barely managed to fall asleep. It was a humid, uncomfortable, full-moon night and I was sleeping with my windows open. I opened my eyes and looked around, my room draped in moonlight. I could see the moon right outside the window. The curtains swayed gently in the cool breeze which provided some respite from the sweltering heat.

I heard another sound, and I glanced towards my window. I saw a shadow take shape from the base of the window sill. It started to move up, as if slowly rising up from the depths of hell. For a moment, I was taken aback and I froze as I had never experienced such a sight before. It kept moving up until it formed a perfect silhouette against the moon. A shadow of darkness took over my room and I remained frozen, staring at the silhouette that was slowly taking shape.

The shape was now fully formed, with its ears upright and tail held high. It menacingly turned its head, eyes glowing like ember. That was when I realised that the “monster” was a cat! Like a burglar breaking in to my room, it jumped in and let out a muffled meow as it landed. I waited patiently to see what it would do, though it was barely visible.

It must’ve suddenly realised that the room was already occupied by another creature. It bounded back up, less elegantly this time and squeezed out through the wibdow, letting out a silent meow again. As for who was more startled, me or the cat, that is anyone’s guess.